Introduction to the Tournament

Greek Empire in collaboration with the Greek Gaming Universe, is excited to represent to you the PU Greek Empire PUBG Mobile Tournament, The tournament will begin on May the 17th.

This is a (not only) Greek tournament with several international level teams like: “Execution UK”, “Gamespace MCE” & “Lakonostra Network”. The registered teams have reached a total of:

12 groups,
18 teams per group,
216 teams,
1296 players.

The prize pool has increased from 500€ to 700€


1.Use of Emulators & iPads is prohibited.

2. Teaming is not allowed.

3. Every qualified team MUST record their gameplay, you will have 24 hours to provide your proof after.

4. Every team must contain 6 team tags. Including the sub players.

5. Flare Guns are not allowed (If you use a flare gun you will be disqualified from the match).

6. It's strictly forbidden to finish other players with fists & melee weapons.

7. The minimum account level should be 45.

8. All-Chat OFF during the matches.

9. The use any hacks, glitches or third-party software will result in an immediate ban from any future scrims/tournaments. This includes the use of a VPN & Emulator.

10. If a team has less than 3 players before the match begins, we are going to kick them out from the room.

11. Being toxic to the staff team may lead to a permanent ban.